Riccione Spa

Wellness and relax near you

The Terme near the sea

Four precious water water rich in noble elements to give health to body and mind.
Nature joins the most modern thermal science, a synergy that allows you to fully exploit the natural resources.

The modern factory is located a few meters from the sea, surrounded by 40,000 square meters of green. Here a team of specialists uses the most advanced technologies of thermal science to prevent and treat quite natural. Inside the plant: The OASI Wellness Center includes swimming pools, vascular pathways, the “Grottino veneziano” and the “Grottino pompeiano”, gym, relaxation area, and not least a wide variety of programs customized to maintain the foundations of a healthy life or learn to keep health of the body and well-being of the mind.

Hotel Riviera is only 3 km from the Riccione Spa!