Breakfast XL and Brunch

Can you smell the coffee and donut? follow him to find out how big our breakfast has become!

Our XL breakfast will start early in the morning at 7.30 and end very late, at 12.30!
You will be able to wake up whenever you want and, from 11.30, breakfast will be transformed into a Romagna Brunch, with dishes and specialties from our land and with the legendary piadina as the star!
So you can enjoy a nice snack or a light lunch, and if you want to take it away there’s no problem with the take away service!
And who said that breakfast has to be just one!
At the Hotel Riviera you can return to our breakfast room whenever you want….. we’ve also redone our look!
For lunch and dinner you can enjoy excellent dishes in our partner restaurants a stone’s throw from the hotel!
But if you want to experiment and get to know our favorite places, the ones where we also love to be pampered, we have a magnificent list available for you!

Ask when you arrive!